Eleven Months!! Woo!

Wow! 11 months. I just can’t believe it. We are zeroing in on a whole year! I would classify this month as being full growing up. Being full of making choices, full of deciding Who we will serve and who we want to be as a couple. It’s been full of attacks from the devil and him trying to destroy what we have and what God is doing. It’s been full of tears and battles, yet still full of love and learning what it means to draw close to each other when it gets hard. Here we go into month eleven.

One weekend we decided to drive down to this little rinky dink gas station to have ice cream. Now before you think that we’ve totally lost it, I have to explain. This particular gas station is known for their GIANT ice cream cones. So we made the drive with our little puppy in tow to go get our giant ice cream cones. When we arrived the burgers smelled so good, we decided to have dinner there too. We were not disappointed! Quite yummy and very reasonably priced. Gas station dinner date for the win!

My sweet daily companion was being quite the ham throughout this month and I was able to capture quite a few of her antics and her love of being right by my side all the time. I wouldn’t know what to do without her.


We’re moving!!!! Wooo!!! We are so excited to be moving into a little larger place that is a lot closer to Josiah’s work. It’ll be bittersweet leaving our first little apartment, but we are excited to move into a little larger apartment and be able to have more space which will allow our small group to have a little more room and allow more space from game nights and those kinds of things. God has been so good to open up this place in the location and price point that it’s at.

The highlight of our month was definitely the opportunity we had to attend Family Life’s Weekend to Remember Conference. My parents were so generous to cover the cost for us, and we were tremendously blessed by the whole experience. It could not have come at a better time for us. I would actually like to do an entire post on the conference and what it meant/did for us, so I’ll be brief here in this post. In short, it was such a wonderful time to reconnect with each other and share our heart and get out on the table some deep feelings and realign our marriage with what God says our marriage should look like. We ate some amazing food, and loved being able to spend to uninterrupted time focused on building our relationship. We learned so much and look forward to going back again sometime in the future. We highly, HIGHLY recommend the experience to any married or engaged couple.

I guess to summarize, we are coming out of this month stronger, more in love, and more resolved to not let anything tear us apart. There are so many things in this world that are pulling us apart, and pulling us away from each other. Whether it be old habits, or poor relationships, old ways of thinking, or lies from the devil; each of those things have the ability to destroy a young marriage that wants to honor God. My dad reminded me of a verse that has been incredibly helpful in fighting off the devil and his attacks lately.

Submit to God. Resist and devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7

Just being able to remember that he is the one attacking and remembering that God has already given us the victory makes the struggles a little easier. So when the thoughts come and the doubts come I submit to God, and resist the devil, and he flees.

We anticipate what next month holds and can’t wait to see what God is going to do as we round out our first year of marriage.



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