10 Months Together!

I can’t believe we’ve been married for nearly a year! There were a lot of fun changes and growth that occurred this month, so here we go!

On our last monthaversary it snowed. I hate snow. Especially Arkansas snow. It’s cold, mostly ice, it’s ugly, and gross. Anyways, we’ve been wanting to try Pho. There are a couple of Pho restaurants really close to our apartment, Josiah had some co-workers that told him they were super good, and one of the youTube vloggers that I watch really loves it, so since it was so yucky out, we decided to give it a try. It was a very good choice. We definitely have a new favorite! It’s something different and cozy and quite yummy!


Over Saint Patrick’s Day my grandma celebrated her birthday so we went up to Kansas City, Missouri (I am from Missouri, not Kansas, and actually from a surrounding city, but that just confuses people. There’s a Kansas City, Missouri and and Kansas City, Kansas and they are 2 very different places. Sorry for the Kansas City rant there. People from that area understand.) Anyways….Josiah finally met rest of my family that he hadn’t met before and we celebrated my grandma’s birthday with them. Before we drove all the way out to my grandma’s we stopped at a pet store and held a cute puppy for a little while, so that was pretty great!


My dad’s home town had recently suffered a tornado, as well as the cemetery where my grandpa is buried so we went out to make sure that the gravestone was okay, and then to show Josiah the house my dad built, my parent’s first home, my dad’s childhood home, and just give him an idea of some of the family history. We also visited my grandma’s grave as well as some other relatives who were buried in that cemetery. My grandpa’s headstone had been knocked over, but had already been set up again, and aside from some minor damage to the ground around the stone, it was just fine.



We also went out even further into the boonies to visit my great uncle and aunt and to see the big family estate house that he is trying to remodel. We had a nice visit which ended by my dad and Josiah trying to put out an abandoned house fire and then calling a local fire department to make sure everything was out, safe and okay. That was an interesting end to the day to say the least. It ended with a yummy Chinese buffet, so you could say that all was well.

On Sunday we went to the church I more or less grew up in, and Josiah got to meet some long time friends and people that have known me since I was pretty small. It was so nice to get to see some of those familiar faces, have some hugs, listen to the quality music, and hear great preaching. It was helpful for Josiah to see a little bit more into my background and what made me who I am.  Honestly, it kinda left me a little homesick when we made the trip home later that evening.


Also this month we started hosting a small group in our home. It’s been so so SO great to have a mid week spiritual pick me up and be encouraged and have good discussion and prayer and really grow together with other 20 somethings. We’ve been hosting it at a time where it’s easier for working people to attend without feeling like they have to rush around to get there, so their hearts can be more prepared to learn when they do arrive.  Personally I’ve seen a change in my own attitude since being able to join together with other believers in the middle of the week. We’re using some material that really does a lot of the work for us, but has been really beneficial in helping us know God better. We’ve been having good discussion and have gotten good feed back from those who have been attending. I love having people in my home even though it’s tiny and I just can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!

After Josiah and I spent our morning helping with a ladies lunch at church we took our couples devotional that we are going through, a blanket, my puppy, and some snacks, and found a tree to sit under and had a peaceful picnic together. It was so relaxing. We got to reconnect and just enjoy the beautiful weather together. That was definitely the highlight of our month! I just love those special times together where we get to talk about the future and what’s on our minds and where our hearts are. I love how our devotional gives us a topic to pray about together and opens up discussion about topics we might not have thought about.



We look forward to even more changes coming up in the next few months and can’t wait to see how God is going to bless and provide and move and work in our lives and in the lives of those around us. We are continually blown away by His goodness in our lives.

Until next month,




3 thoughts on “10 Months Together!

  1. You are a beautiful couple. Congratulations on one year of your marriage. This June we will be married for 9 beautiful years. I am thankful to God for that and His Grace over the years.


    1. Thank you so much! Congratuations to you too! Seeing His goodness in your life gives me a glimpse of what He could do in mine in the next 9 years. What a good God we serve!

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      1. Thank-you. In our marriage, we have completely sought to Honor only God. In our human nature, we are bound to fail one another. But, we are anchored in Christ, doing as He calls us to do as wives/husbands and not allowing what this crazy world has to say “modern marriage” should look like, then we know that God is sovereign and faithful to guide us daily. Happy Easter 🌹

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