8 Months!!

Here we are celebrating our 8 monthiversary. It’s been a good month. There really isn’t anything too eventful to tell you about, but I’ll share a little bit of what’s been going on in our world.

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We took a Sunday after church road-trip to Joplin, MO one weekend. I really needed to get out of the house and get away a little bit. A little known, slightly quirky fact about myself is that I collect Precious Moments figurines. This started when I was pretty little and my collection now covers the top of the piano with a little overflow. So we went to the Precious Moments museum and chapel and my sweet husband let me pick out a couple of new figurines. We then went to check out the indoor mall in Joplin and ate at Culver’s since there isn’t one where we live.  Here are a couple pictures of the chapel,”grandpa’s island”, the main mural inside the chapel, and the figurines that I picked out.

I would say that the newness of marriage is starting to fade a little bit. I am in no way saying that we aren’t still crazy about each other, but it’s just not brand new anymore. Which in a way, is super exciting. It means that we are learning more about what makes the other tick. We are learning what our good days look like and our bad days. We are also learning what it’s like to walk through those things with each other. We are now able to serve each other better as we learn more about what each other likes and dislikes. We are learning to compromise and work together and to consider the other person better than ourselves. It’s making our relationship deeper and more meaningful and it makes our hearts happy.

For part of our Jesus time, we’ve been listening to a couple of my favorite preachers. James MacDonald and Chip Ingram. Josiah listens to them throughout his day and I listen throughout mine and then we can talk about them when he comes home. It’s so wonderful to get to hear what God is showing him and it’s fun to tell Josiah what God is showing me from the same message. It’s so cool when we come together and see the Lord showing us the same thing or putting the same burden on our hearts. This month we’ve been focusing a lot on showing tangible Christlike love. We want others to know that we love Jesus by our love towards them. We are far from perfect at this, but we are striving to get better.



In other news, I’ve been reading like a crazy person lately. You may have noticed the posts from “Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst.  I also recently finished “Boundaries” by Dr.Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend, and “The Mother-in-Law Dance” by Annie Chapman. As you can probably tell, the theme here is relationships. Relationships really are the center of everything. Your relationships with God affects your relationships with others. I’m arming myself with all of the biblical tools I can get my hands on in order to improve my relationships with those around me.

We also started reading a book together,”You and Me Forever” by Francis Chan. I bought it a while ago because I needed a couple extra dollars to get free shipping on my Amazon order. What I love about it is that it’s not like every other book on Christian marriage. It doesn’t just teach you that you need to be kind to your spouse and support them. Instead it talks about how in order to have a great marriage, you shouldn’t be focusing on your marriage alone, but instead focusing on how your marriage is impacting eternity. The book has really been turning our hearts heavenward as we think about the eternal weight of our actions here on earth, and how as a married couple we are a team helping each other love and serve God better until He comes.


That’s really all I have to share this month. Nothing too crazy, but still a glimpse into our lives.

Until next time,


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