7 Months- Hello 2017!

Happy New Year!!

Oh my goodness gracious I’m so so so glad that this last month is over! It was absolutely crazy! Crazy! Our weekends were so packed that I was actually looking forward to Monday so I could get a breather. We had our first Christmas together, we celebrated my birthday, we went to see Christmas lights, we decorated Christmas cookies, we spent time with family, Josiah went to a wedding, and we just held on tight till it slowed down.

I’m not quite sure what to share, but I’ll try to touch on what I can and what I have pictures for.

Since we spent Thanksgiving with Josiah’s family, we went up to Kansas City for Christmas. It was pretty low key, but we got to spend some time with my brother and grandma and one of my cousins. With my grandma’s kitchen being so small it was kinda difficult for my mom, my grandma, and me to be in there at the same time, but I was able to sneak in and help with a couple of the salads. One salad in particular was a recipe of my great-grandma’s. My grandma just recently rediscovered it last year, and my dad remembered it from his childhood. So this year, I got the privilege of making it. It was really cool to think that my great grandma had made this very recipe for her family during the holidays, and although the times have definitely changed, the recipe and the end result hasn’t. It’s like a connection through the generations. Oh and hey, there was a mistletoe option, we couldn’t resist. 😉


I kinda went on a cookie baking spree shortly before Christmas. I made chocolate chip cookies, chocolate snowballs, and of course roll out sugar cookies! Josiah was a great help with the snowballs, and we enjoyed an evening together decorating the sugar cookies. We also went out to see some Christmas light displays too!


My birthday weekend was super special! Josiah came home on Thursday night with a beautiful flower arrangement and a chocolate bar. Then, he took off on Friday for my birthday and completely spoiled me. He made me breakfast in bed, took me to Hobby Lobby and Bath and Body Works and let me pick out something from each place. Then he took me to a store to find a “big girl” dress for me to wear on our fancy date that night. Before we went to dinner he gave me a special necklace to wear with my dress. We went to a fantastic sea food place and finished our amazing meal with creme brulee 3 ways! It was so yummy! After that we ended our night by going to see a movie. Josiah really out did himself and completely spoiled me. We also had dinner with his family and finally my family on the Monday after New Years day.

I finally got around to making our yearly picture collage and I think it’s one of my favorites!


Josiah was a groomsman in a wedding  last weekend. The couple that got married requested to use the arbor that my dad built for our wedding. If I’m completely honest, it was kinda difficult for me to allow something so special to be used by someone who I dont get along with super well, but I knew it was the right thing to do. I actually ended up being sick this last week and I couldn’t go to the wedding. I was a little glad that I didn’t have to see the special arbor set up for someone else, but was sad that I didn’t get to attend and was stuck at home sick. The picture below is the arbor set up for my wedding back in June. My dad did an amazing job on it!

Speaking of being sick, I had this awful throat crud this week. I’m finally starting to feel better, but man was it awful. My mom and dad were a huge blessing to us this week because Josiah had to be gone almost every evening this week for wedding stuff, and I was at home by myself for most of the time. My parents came over a couple nights and helped with dinner, brought me medicine, and did some basic housekeeping and laundry. Theraflu and this Throat Comfort tea were pretty much my staples while trying to get better.


I’m just so ready for things to slow down a little bit. My POTS has actually been acting up a little more from of all of the extra stresses that have been going since Thanksgiving. Josiah and I haven’t had a weekend without some kind of event since before thanksgiving, so we are blocking out this weekend for some quality time. It’s much needed and we are looking forward to connecting our hearts again.

Until next time,




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