Why I Write


I think a lot of people might wonder why I spend the time to write about chronic illness, and really about any topic. Am I doing it for attention? Do I do it to passive aggressively take care of my problems? No, I write to give a voice to those who are too shy, or too sweet, or too tired to give themselves a voice. I write because unless someone tells others what it feels like to be someone’s fixer upper project, they will not ever know. I write because, sometimes, good intentions still hurt.

When you have a chronic illness, you’re used to people trying to fix you. You’re used to people saying unkind things because they’re afraid or just don’t understand. You’re used to being looked over and stepped on. When those things are a daily occurrence and your energy is low, it’s really easy to give everyone a ‘get out of jail’ free card and move on. Sometimes that is the right move. Actually, many times that is the right move. That’s exactly how I respond about 98% of the time. However, if everyone with chronic illness responds that way then how will the people trying to fix us, learn that it hurts when they do so? How will they know that we don’t want them to fix us?  How will they know we don’t want them to tell us that we aren’t taking good enough care of ourselves? We just want kindness and love.

I write to help. I write to educate. I write to encourage. I write to love.


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