6 Months and Going Strong

Josiah and I have officially been married for half of a year. That’s right, 6 months! We still love it. We have so much fun together.


As the holidays approach we are excited to share many firsts and start lots of new traditions together. We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and juggled both sides of family since they both live nearby. We were supposed to go on a trip with his family, but I got sick and couldn’t go. :/  We ordered our Christmas cards and almost have them ready to send out to our loved ones. It’s so crazy that we actually have our own cards to send out and not just looped in with our family. We also set up our Christmas tree and decorated our apartment for Christmas. We bonded as we spent over an hour hot gluing Christmas light to our walls so that they will peel off easy and not damage the walls. Our little 3 foot tree is just perfect for our small place and our first Christmas. We went to our first Christmas concert, the Getty’s Irish Christmas, and also enjoyed our church’s Christmas cantata together with my family. We’ve looked at Christmas lights on the square and blared Christmas music in the car. We’ve eaten soup, and snuggled on the couch as the cold weather has officially moved in and made its presence known.



I’ve been spending more time writing and have been looking for various publishing opportunities. Basically, between my work consisting of typing and my favorite hobby including typing, I spend a lot of time with my laptop.  Writing has always been a passion of mine.

I had another article published on The Mighty this month and although I don’t receive profit from those publications, it’s fun to see my articles published.


If you regularly follow this blog you saw this article and also the explanation that followed it.


My conclusion on the matter was this: Those who have chronic illness and have had it for a while, really understood and resonated with the advice I was trying to give. I think many people without chronic illness however, took the post as offensive, uncalled for, or unkind. While I don’t retract anything that I said in the original post, I will say that I’m sorry if you were hurt or offended. That was not at all my intention.

We celebrated our 6 month anniversary 1 day early by taking a short day trip to Siloam Springs. I wanted to show Josiah the shop where I got my wedding dress and let him meet the sweet lady that helped me pick it out and gave us such a good deal. It was lovely to get to see her again and tell her how awesome marriage has been so far. We walked around the old downtown in the cold and stumbled upon a cute little hipster coffee shop. We couldn’t resist and enjoyed eggnog lattes and the cozy atmosphere. We came back home to eat dinner, and then went to see Doctor Strange at the theater. We ended our night back home snuggling on the couch.

I think the thing that has stuck out the most to us from the last 6 months, is the importance of quality time with one another. It’s not enough to simply live together and eat together and sleep together. Maybe that’s enough for some couples, but for us we really need special time together to really connect. We need us time; time with family or friends or our individual friends isn’t enough to keep our relationship growing and healthy.

We look forward to spending many more 6 month anniversaries together.



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