Follow Up to : We don’t need your magic treatments…

Wow…after that last post, I feel like I need to explain myself a little better. It seems as though some of you were offended or think it selfish or inconsiderate of me to write such a thing as I did in my previous post LINK HERE!, and to request that you not ‘try to help’. But that is not my heart nor is it my goal. I’m not saying that I don’t care about the time you took to think of your chronically ill friend. I’m not saying that I’m not thankful that you care enough to even suggest a treatment. What I’m addressing here, is this: I’m addressing the people who don’t have anything wrong with them, that heard on the TV or internet or radio or word of mouth about some treatment or special doctor who is supposed to make you magically better. If you have the same condition as the person to whom you are making  a suggestion and you found something that really works, there is nothing wrong with making a suggestion. OR if you are directly involved in that person’s care already, (directly means dealing with them and the condition on a daily basis, not just because you’re related or work with them) and are close enough to the patient that you know what kinds of treatments might work for them, then go ahead and make a suggestion.

My previous post was not meant to be rude. It was meant to be informative. It was meant to be helpful. Like I said in the other post, kindness and consideration really are the best 2 gifts that you can give someone with chronic illness.


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