woo! It’s already November and month 5 of being married? When did that happen?! This month flew by. Like, I’m pretty sure that I blinked and maybe ate some food, and now it’s November! This was a good month. I feel like it was a growing up month for me personally. I feel like it was a hard month, but a good one. I feel like Josiah and I are really settling into marriage. We seem to be figuring it out and learning how to be a team instead of 2 individuals. It’s the best and the hardest part of marriage!

He’s always on my team and on my side. He is there for me when I just need to cry and he puts up with my incessant tickle attacks. He will fight for me, care for me, and love me until one of us meets Jesus. But, just as he is there for me, I get to be there for him too. I get to encourage, to care for, listen to, to pray for and just be with him. It’s great! So enough of that mushy stuff, lets get into the adventures from this month.

So I guess I will start with the most exciting thing that happened this month. I’m finally getting my puppy to live with us. When we first got our apartment we were under the impression that we just needed to ask permission, maybe pay a pet deposit and we’d be able to have her here. Well, that wasn’t quite the case. We were informed that pets were only allowed for the disabled and elderly. We contacted my doctor and she was more than happy to write up a letter explaining that I have several auto immune disorders and struggled with depression and that we dog was prescribed to help with that. I had no idea that she made such a difference in my health until I moved without her. I’m so glad to have my 4 legged best friend available for snuggles all the time.


Speaking of my health, October was Dysautonomia awareness month. POTS is a dysautonomic condition. I’m so glad that there are people spreading awareness about it so other young people don’t have to fight it for years without actually having a diagnosis. They are making great strides in research and doctors are learning more about it. Here’s link to the dysautonomia international website that has more information on the condition and the different diseases in that category. This comic isn’t original to me, but I’ve found that it helps people understand.



I’m sorry that this is such a health heavy month, but I promise this is the last one. My blog post that I posted right before this one entitled “A letter to my husband from his chronically ill wife” was published over on  The Mighty. I was so excited to have something I’ve written be published to such a large audience.

A couple weekends before we got my dog, we ‘dog-napped’ her from my parents and took her on a walk with us on one of the new trails in our area. The trees were just starting to change and it was so pretty. We met a nice grasshopper friend, got chased by a bee, picked a wild flower and just enjoyed each other’s company.


Last weekend we just enjoyed some time together. We got my handsome husband’s hair cut, got smoothies with some wedding gift money, and took a trip down to check out the fayetteville public library. It was huge, probably because it’s in a college town. We brought our laptops and camped out for a little while. I did some school work, and my husband played some Minecraft to kill some time. On our way back, we got some Chinese takeout and had a nice evening to ourselves at home.


Early this month, we went to local pumpkin patch with our friends. We spent the day looking at pumpkins, going on a hayride and getting lost in a corn maze. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed getting to spend some time with our friends.

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Josiah’s sister is a part of the marching band at the high-school. The band was getting ready to head out to a competition and we had the chance to go to the send off performance. It was cold and rainy, but it was fun to get to watch and to spend some time with his family, and to see the performance that the band had worked so hard to perfect.


This concludes month 5 of marriage.





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