Marriage Update! Month 4!!

Hello! The month of September was crazy busy for us, but also lots of fun! I”ll probably leave out some things, but here are a few highlights!


Zoo and Kansas City Trip: This month we made our first trip to my hometown since being married. It was fun to share with Josiah some of the places and memories that I had growing up. We actually went to Kansas City for a doctor’s appointment, but we decided to make the trip into a fun one by going to the Kansas City Zoo. It was a lot of fun to see all of the animals and spend the day with my sweetheart! Sorry, all of the zoo pictures are on his devices.

I got a haircut! Almost 12 inches! I’d been growing my hair out for the wedding and have been meaning to get it cut ever since, but I finally got around to it. It made me remember why I love having short hair so much. Quick and easy!


My sweetheart started his new job this past week. It’s a good fit for him, came at the perfect time, and can not be explained by anything other than God blessing his efforts. He has been applying for several jobs within his company since we’ve been married and we see now why he didn’t get any of those. God had the perfect one waiting right around the corner. He just thought He would develop our faith a little more before revealing His plan.

We had a special day together in the middle of the week before my sweetheart started his new job. We enjoyed just spending the day together and seeing the movie Storks.

Because of his new job, and an upcoming wedding he is going to be involved in, we needed to update his wardrobe a little bit. We found a suit that fits him perfectly and got some great deals on a few other wardrobe needs!

I finally got my library card renewed this month. It’s nice to be able to go work on course work there to get a little change of scenery and human interaction. I camp out for a few hours and work in relative silence. The only catch is that’s its freezing cold, so I have to remember to bring socks and a blanket.


Out side of our apartment we have a tiny little flower bed that we have free reign to make pretty. During the summer, the previous tenant had planted a ton of black eyed susans, but since fall had come, they had begun to die and get weedy and ugly, so while pulling the weeds I decided to call my mom and enlist her help in planting some new fall/winter flowers and just clean up the space. I was minding my own business pulling weeds when all of a sudden I was greeted by a nasty little snake. He succeeded in scaring me to death. Once he met his end, I discovered tons of little snails all in my garden. I collected them in a little container (because they had been eating the leaves of the other plants in the garden,) and we enjoyed watching them for a few days before releasing them far from my flower bed.

Being married is quite the adventure, and being without a car or job or school outside the house has been really interesting. It’s not always easy. Contentment. Learning to be happy where I’m at. Being without my four legged best friend…being chronically ill…God is teaching me things I guess. It’s just hard sometimes. God is enough. I know that mentally, but when the rubber meets the road, when you sit alone in your apartment hour after hour, when you struggle to be accepted among your peers, you forget that He is enough. But He is enough. He is there trying to help even when I don’t feel it or see it. It reminds me of an old hymn we used to sing a lot when I was in highschool.

“Only trust Him, only trust Him
Only trust Him now
He will save you, He will save you
He will save you now”

It’s true for salvation, yes, but it’s also true in day to day life. I don’t have to face it on my own. I don’t have to fix things on my own. He’s there to help. I only have to trust Him.

In summary: Marriage is great. I love my husband, and I love my Jesus.



Until next time,

Mrs. Jaycox






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