A Little Bit of a Strong Opinion…

The keys have been my friend today. This isn’t the first time that I’ve vented to them today and I’m hoping that once again they help me sort through what I’m thinking.

Why is it that people are so selfish and self seeking. Why is it that some people have to get their validation from other people? ” Am I pretty?” “Do I have a good personality?” ” to Does someone out there like me?” And yes, I understand needing to be validated like that, we all do as humans deep down wish for validation, but to seek it on Facebook? Do you really think that you’re going to get an honest answer from your friends on facebook? What’s the point?!

That leads to another quandary of mine? Why is it that people today are so two faced?! Why is it that people can be nice online and not even speaking to you in person, or why is it that people are rude online and pretend to be nice in person? Is my generation so far gone that we don’t even know how to demonstrate God’s love in the simplest form—Kindness? Are we too good for it? Are we too far advanced in our knowledge to step down off our little pedestal and be kind? A smile? A nod? A hello? No wonder the world is in terrible shape, We don’t know who we are. We don’t know what we stand for. We read a couple jaded articles on Facebook and form our entire worldview based on it. We didn’t read the book, or listen to the debate, or hear the sermon, or research to find the facts ourselves. We were satisfied to do the least amount of work possible and then form our worldview. How foolish. And the media and the marketers know just that. If they can put their very biased opinion into a short article that will pop up on the young 20 somethings page then they have their hands in and can manipulate that mind any way they choose. How foolish of us. We have the world at our fingertips and we choose rudeness and the easy way out to get what we want. What a sad sad way to live out our lives.


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