Meal Planning Tips

So, one of my favorite things about being a wife is the meal planning. I love sitting down with Pinterest and a few of my mom’s recipes and figuring out what exactly we are going to eat and what items we need from the store. There is something so satisfying about knowing what we are going to eat for the week. I know that I’m new at it and that there a lot of women who are probably better at it than I am, but I thought I give you a couple of tips that I’ve been using that make it kinda fun.

  1. Pinterest-I honestly don’t know how people did this before Pinterest. I can put in an ingredient or category and tons of recipes come up. Then I can pin them on a board for the recipes we are going to have that week. Then I can pull them up as needed.
  2.  Meat stock up. The first week we were married we went to the store and stocked up on meat. We are both huge chicken lovers so we bought two big bags of chicken breast and chicken thighs and then I went home and divided them out in 2 servings and froze them. Now I just have to grab a bag in the morning and let it thaw during the day. I did the same thing with a tube of ground beef. We haven’t had to buy more meat and we are entering week three.
  3. Make a list and stick to it (within reason)-Once I have all of my recipes picked out I go through them and write down the things that I don’t have in the pantry and then stick to it for the most part. If there is something on sale or that catches our eye we will go ahead and get it, but only for a couple of items.
  4. Flexibility- I don’t stick to my meal plan hard and fast. If I want to make Stir Fry on Tuesday instead of Spaghetti then that’s what I do.
  5. This last one is my favorite. Minimal cooking weekends. I only plan for 5 dinner meals during the week. That gives me two days where I don’t have to cook. And since I’m a master at making enough for an army, we always have leftovers to get us by during the weekends.

There are just 5 tips that make my meal planning kinda fun and a little less torturous.


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