God Matters Most

I read an article shortly before I got married, that talked about how ladies with high self-esteem often become the opposite once they enter a serious committed relationship. I thought that was interesting because it hit exactly what I had been experiencing. I had always been the girl who didn’t care what anyone thought. God  was the only one who mattered and as long as I was in good standing with Him, nothing else really mattered. But once I entered a committed relationship things began to shift. I got nervous in front of people. I began to care about how I was perceived and began to think about what other people thought. It wasn’t my sweet husband’s fault-it was mine. I began to seek my acceptance from people here on earth, instead of the One that really mattered. Looking for others to provide what only Christ can, is detrimental to not only your relationship with others, but your relationship with God too. He desires to be all that you need. He desires to be the only One who can give you satisfaction and fill the void in your life.

As a wife, unless God is at the center of my life, my relationship with my husband can’t be all that it should be. I can’t be the best I can be unless God is the one who matters most.


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