Today My Body Wins

*Sigh* I hate days like this. Days that scream at me things like “You’re not normal” “You’re useless” “Why did you bother getting married” “You just cost money and cause problems.” “No one really loves you and those who do, will eventually quit.” Days like today are days when my body wins and when my … More Today My Body Wins

Meal Planning Tips

So, one of my favorite things about being a wife is the meal planning. I love sitting down with Pinterest and a few of my mom’s recipes and figuring out what exactly we are going to eat and what items we need from the store. There is something so satisfying about knowing what we are … More Meal Planning Tips

Do I Measure Up?

Do you ever feel like you just don’t measure up? Like, no matter what you do, it just doesn’t feel like enough. It seems like someone somewhere is doing more, being more organized, being healthier, loving their spouse better, or just plain being superwoman. This is definitely something that I think a lot people, (especially … More Do I Measure Up?

Being Married

Can I just say that I love being married! It’s seriously not overrated at all and is absolutely amazing! It’s like getting to hang out with your best friend ALL THE TIME! We eat dinner together everynight, we watch TV, we go on walks, and then we get to go to bed side by side. … More Being Married

God Matters Most

I read an article shortly before I got married, that talked about how ladies with high self-esteem often become the opposite once they enter a serious committed relationship. I thought that was interesting because it hit exactly what I had been experiencing. I had always been the girl who didn’t care what anyone thought. God … More God Matters Most