Here We Go!

Hello there! I’m so excited to get started on this blogging adventure yet again. Last time I was here I was known as ‘Christy’ and had a blog called “Blessings in Waiting” . I’m ready to get back into it as I just began a new chapter of my life.

As you can note in the “About” section, ‘Jaycox Party of Two’ is going to be all about the adventures that my husband and I share, lessons that I’m learning as a new wife, my battles with various illnesses, and the faithfulness of our amazing God. You might think it strange that I listed the faithfulness of God last, but that was quite intentional. You see, the other categories listed all base themselves on the  foundation of God’s faithfulness. My husband and I can only share grand adventures because God provides the funds, the time, the energy, and the love that we share. Any lesson that I may learn as a new wife, is because the Lord allows me to grow and change and puts in me the desire to love my husband to the best of my ability and let the Lord take care of the rest. My illnesses require me to rest fully on God’s grace and sufficiency because without it, I couldn’t bear to get up most days. Finally, because of all of the ways that my great God provides, I want to brag about how incredibly faithful the Lord makes Himself in our lives. He sustains the entire world, but still manages to make Himself known and to catch my tears. He sees the days that are hard and reminds me that His grace is enough. He sees the good days too and provides just what we need. He’s beyond amazing and if I can share with you the ways that He loves me, maybe it will help you see the ways that He is faithful to you too.

So if you decide to journey here with me, I encourage you to bask in God’s faithfulness a little bit today. He’s good and He is there. In the messy, and in the happy He is faithfully providing exactly what you need.


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